Rita Zecher

Welcome to the website of Rita Zecher: "The Spiritual Realignment ® according to Pjotr Elkunoviz and Alexander Toskar"

Updated on the 6th of October, 2023

Rita Zecher

I have thirteen years of experience as a family doctor and thirty years of experience as a psychiatrist and child- and adolescent psychiatrist. As a general practitioner, I had eight years a private practice on the Canary Island of Tenerife and six years in Belgium, combining classical medicine with alternative methods. I have always tried to make a careful diagnosis as a prerequisite and basis for my treatment, often working together with other specialists. Nevertheless, I was often dissatisfied with the healing results.

September 2019 I brought my 22-year-old daughter Iria, who was declared unfit for work because of ten painful herniated discs with intermittent paralysis in her right arm, to Alexander Toskar in Cologne. Her leg length difference was 2.5 cm. After the treatment, the legs were the same length and my daughter could make all movements without pain. She danced with joy the same evening. Afterwards I let myself, my sons Ituah and Alexander and our old dogs, who suffered from intermittent back leg paralysis, to be treated by Alexander Toskar. We felt like we were born anew. Also the dogs, 13j and 12j acted like puppies again and have no more complaints.

This was the reason for me to take the course as a healer in the Spiritual Realignment by Alexander Toskar.

After many years of searching for ways to heal suffering people I have now completed the training "Spiritual Realignment ®" according to Pjötr Elkunovic and since July 2020 I am a healer in Spiritual Realignment.

Treatments can be given in Dutch, German, Spanish, French and English.