Rita Zecher

Who am I?

Updated on the 6th of October, 2023

Rita Zecher

I was born in Berlin in 1953 and grew up in Belgium. Since the age of twelve I have been immersed in the history of medicine - from Paracelsius via Professor Sauerbruch to today's conventional medicine. From an early age I wanted to know, explore, understand and heal. After finishing high school I chose to study psychology. Later I changed my studies to veterinary medicine but finally chose to become a human physician. Seven years of study at the medical faculty of the French ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) flooded me with information but did not answer my question: "How do I really heal someone? A broken leg could be repaired well, but then many patients often still suffered from discomfort and pain years after the operation. When it came to cancer, I was often confused about the brutal treatment methods. I understood that sometimes you have to make hard decisions. If a sick person has appendicitis, he has to be operated. If he has acute pneumonia, an antibiotic can save his life. The same applies to a person who is acutely psychotic and suffers from severe anxiety. What a blessing it is to get the right medication at that moment. But these drugs only suppress the symptoms and do not cure. I kept asking myself why people get so sick. What can we do to prevent this? How can we regenerate our own powers and heal from within?

Early on I began to study acupuncture, homeopathy and orthomolecular medicine in addition to my studies. After my studies in Belgium I worked and studied in Germany. Later I worked for eight years as a general practitioner and naturopath on the Canary Islands, where I combined conventional methods and alternative medicine.

Today we are confronted with stress, toxic environmental factors, poor nutrition and concerns about international political and psycho-social developments. Through epigenetic heredity factors, traumas are passed on to the next generation. How can we break these vicious circles? How can we gain strength so that we are better able to cope with our problems?

After two marriages I am still a single mother of four now grown-up children. Being a mother means an inexhaustible source of new experiences for me. I learn from my children every day. It is the generation of tomorrow.

Since 2002 I have been working in adult and child psychiatry. Why? Because I believe that our mind has a great influence on our well-being. People who suffer from anxiety and depression in childhood can later develop physical and psychological problems. People who are happy and entrepreneurial feel fit. Recently I was given the opportunity to apply the Spiritual Realignment also in child psychiatry.

In the future I would like to focus on the purely energetic treatment. The Spiritual Realignment can soon achieve what other treatment methods have not been able to achieve for years.

Member KNMG and NVVP.