Rita Zecher

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Updated on the 6th of October, 2023

1. Sentimental journey

Guided by a golden ray of light, protected by a sunlit lily, the unborn floats to earth in a pink egg. The ray from the cosmos, accompanied by violins, separates day from night, neither thorns nor bad thoughts can prevent these good souls sent by God to reach their secret goal.

The power card represents the rebirth of the self.
Song by Ella Fitzgerald: Ella Fitzgerald on YouTube

Rita Zecher

2. Power of Earth

The earth's crust opens, tension and intense life discharges. A volcano erupts, releasing hidden tensions, its fire warming and fertilizing the frozen world.

The power card stands for renewal

Rita Zecher

3. Tunnell of Life

Those who have the strength to return to the light despite all odds find at the end of the tunnel Divine Love.

The power card stands for confidence.

Rita Zecher

4. Silent Communication

When you are alone you don't need to be lonely. The world is full of wonders, feel the moonlight in the night, feel the loving gaze of your power animal, the infinite colors of the cosmic light.

The power card represents hope.

Rita Zecher

5. Ocean Light

Even life in the deepest oceans are oriented to our sun and cosmos. Every single living being is uniquely beautiful and attuned to its environment. Creations of a divine intelligence . Let us pause and listen. Maybe we can finally understand, feel and sense what the original plan of life is.

The power card stands for insight .

Rita Zecher

6. Tree of Life

Somewhere in the bottom of the amniotic sac we spread our roots, sucking up the vital elixir to grow. Only when we have survived heat, hardships and small hells can we reach spring, the first tender buds of wisdom are directed to the sun.

The power card stands for growth.

By Rita Zecher

7. Fire of Joy

The glowing fire devours and destroys everything bad in this world. The birds announce the good news. The good souls are liberated and float in silver orbs over the fertile fields.

The power card stands for purification

By Rita Zecher

8. Judgment Day

The little Phoenix rises from the floods and judges: the good goes into the Golden Light, the bad must be broken off and transformed in the darkness.

The power card stands for justice.

By Rita Zecher

9. Magic Bird

This delicate bird of paradise has broken through a concrete wall with its claw. Tiny flowers blooming in the moonlight.

The power card stands for mind power.

By Rita Zecher

10. Cosmic Explosion

Flashes of sunlight, meltdowns, burning pyramids, weeping planets. A flowering tree that magically survives and takes root.

The power card stands for transformation.

By Rita Zecher

11. Apples from Heaven

Souls are dreaming between heaven and earth. Golden apples full of life juice float to the troubled Earth.

This power card represents humility.

By Rita Zecher

12. The golden cave

This fish has taken refuge. Confidently he is waiting in his cave until the danger has passed.

This power card stands for inner safety.

By Rita Zecher

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