Rita Zecher

The Spiritual Realignment

Updated on the 6th of October, 2023

This healing method is unique. This treatment is based on the insight that all traumas, both prenatal and postnatal, bend the spine. The spine has an energetic influence on all organs. This is illustrated in the Buddhist teachings through the chakras. If the chakras are throttled in their energy exchange with the environment by a spinal curvature, then in the long run the corresponding organs become diseased.

During the treatment I give an energetic impulse in one second to straighten the spiritual and physical spine. This impulse comes not from me personally, but from the part of the cosmos where Divine Love is located. I am merely the channel.

Then I give an energetic treatment focused on the individual mental and physical complaints. After the treatment, the spine is largely straightened, which can be judged by the length of the legs and the shoulder position. People feel literally "straightened up". I say "largely" because the further straightening of a very curved, arthrotic spine continues to take place in the weeks and months following the treatment. In the days following the treatment, a feeling of well-being and relaxation is perceived. This perception is favored if one allows oneself the necessary rest periods. The treated person gets into a higher frequency of thinking and feeling. Through this he often sees what is wrong in his life. If the patient then has the will and the courage to change his life for the better then he is on the right path to healing. Healing is based on the Three Unity: Think good, Feel good, Do good. The development of truthfulness, compassion and the courage to act correctly play a central role.

The Spiritual Realignment is directed at adults and children of all faiths. Pets like dogs, cats and horses also benefit from this treatment.

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